Kloppenburg’s Shocking Lack of Broad Legal Experience

Supreme Court candidate, JoAnne Kloppenburg touts her “broad legal experience” on her campaign website and in campaign materials. But a review of Kloppenburg’s cases show that her legal career centered almost exclusively in environmental law. In fact, since 1990 she has only argued seven criminal cases before higher courts. To really reflect her background, her […]

Guess Who Spent the Most on the 2010 Legislative Races…Teachers!

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Report shows that candidates and special interest groups spent more than $19 million on the 2010 state legislative election.  According to the report The Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) the state’s teacher union, led all donors with contributions of nearly $1.6 million.   In 2010, WEAC donated to the campaigns of the […]

Where is the Integrity in the Democratic Party?

Where is the honor in the Democratic party in Wisconsin? For weeks 14 Wisconsin Democrat Senators have absconded their duty to represent their districts and fled to Illinois to avoid voting on the controversial budget repair bill. Failing to represent their constitutes and walking off the job is a pretty big indication of character, but […]

JoAnne Kloppenburg’s Facebook Campaign a Direct Tie to Anti-Walker and Recall Efforts

JoAnne Kloppenburg’s official Facebook campaign page is being used by her supporters to organize protests against Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill, as well as recalls against Walker, Lieutenant Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and a Republican state legislator who supports the governor. Furthermore, the site is filled with weeks of rants against Gov. Scott Walker, especially […]

Not Surprisingly, Marla Stephens backs JoAnne Kloppenburg for Supreme Court

JoAnne Kloppenburg highlights one prominent endorsement on the top of her website- that of failed primary candidate and long-time public defender, Marla Stephens. In her endorsement, Stephens criticizes the impartiality of Justice David Prosser, and argues for a “truly nonpartisan and independent Supreme Court.” Of course, it’s not surprising that Stephens would endorse Kloppenburg. Both […]

Officials From Leftist Groups Funding JoAnne Kloppenburg’s Run For State Supreme Court

Despite campaigning to remove partisian politics from the state supreme court, a review of JoAnne Kloppenburg’s donors shows that her supporters are anything but bipartisian.  A radical pro-abortion group, liberal politicians, environmental groups upset about global warming, radical groups helping organize protests against Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill, and a lot of DNR employees […]