Update on Recall Elections

The Government Accountability Board (GAB) confirmed that there are enough valid signatures for a recall election against Sen. Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse) to proceed.  Recall organizers filed a petition with 22,975 signatures (15,588 signatures were needed) on April 1.  The GAB certified 21,868 signatures. Kapanke is challenging the validity of the petition, citing missing paperwork […]

Democrats File GAB Complaint Over Minuscule Findings Obtained By Harassing Phone Calls

On Thursday afternoon, a challenge was filed by Democratic state senators against the recall efforts in the 12th, 22nd, and 30th Senate districts. Speaking on behalf of the challenge, Democrat state senator Mark Miller claimed: “Overwhelming evidence clearly shows a pervasive pattern of election fraud…Thousands of Wisconsin citizens fell victim to lies and misinformation spread […]

Recount of Brookfield Underway in Waukesha County

On Thursday, Waukesha County began recounting the ballots in the controversial wards of Brookfield. Waukesha County has been the site of the the most dramatic events in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race and looks to remain the chief battleground for Kloppenburg and Prosser attorney’s to square off. On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board was informed […]

The Left Continues To Cry Wolf In Supreme Court Recount

Brad Friedman, fellow at the progressive Commonweal Institute, and author of the BRAD Blog, penned a piece sure to fan the flames of conspiracy and impropriety in the Wisconsin Supreme Court recount. Friedman takes the time to lay out at length a number of issues that occurred during the recount process, from the discovery of […]

Who Might Benefit Most From Fake Signature In Recall Wirch Petition?

Last Saturday, a fraudulent signature was discovered on the recall petition for Democratic Sen. Robert Wirch. But more intriguing than the discovery of a single fraudulent signature  was the name Bill Pocan, the deceased father of Democratic State Rep. Mark Pocan. According to the affidavit from the late Bill Pocan’s wife, the elder Pocan was […]

Recall For Two Republicans Unlikely

Recall efforts against Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) and Sen. Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) appear to be unsuccessful.  The group trying to recall Grothman is 5,000 signatures short and admit they will miss the deadline to file.  The group working on the Lazich recall is 2,000 signatures short, but are still trying to get enough […]

Kloppenburg Scores Barely True on PolitiFact

PolitiFact investigated JoAnne Kloppenburg’s claim that “…there are legitimate and widespread anomalies, and widespread questions about the conduct of (the Wisconsin Supreme Court) election, most visibly in Waukesha County, but also in counties around the state.” and found that her statement scores a Barely True on the Truth-O-Meter.