Independent GAB Investigation Affirms Waukesha Vote Totals, Dead Silence From The Left

On Tuesday afternoon, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board released a statement affirming the results of the Waukesha vote totals in the April 5, election for Justice of the Supreme Court. The GAB spent four full days auditing the Spring Election materials, photographing documents, voting equipment, and any relevant data and concluded: “Although there were some […]

Signatures Collected to Recall Sen. Shelia Harsdorf

Over 23,000 signatures were collected to recall River Falls Republican Senator Shelia Harsdorf.  Sen. Harsdorf became a recall target because of her vote on the collective bargaining bill.  However, she isn’t seen as particularly vulnerable, having won her district in 2008 with 56% of the vote.  But that didn’t stop recall organizers (and union money?) […]

First Democrat Senator Faces Recall

Republicans are on the board with their first recall steaming from the Badger 14s escape to Illinois to avoid voting on the Budget Repair Bill.   A citizen group has collected enough signatures (15,960) to file a recall petition against Sen. Jim Holperin (D Eagle River). Holperin is the fourth senator, and first Democrat to […]

Justice David Prosser To Declare Victory At Noon Press Conference

At noon on Monday, Justice David Prosser will hold a press conference to declare victory as the final canvass numbers gave him a 7,316 vote lead in the April 5 election for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. As Milwaukee finished its canvass last Friday, the Associated Press declared Prosser the winner and Prosser campaign spokesman Brian […]

History Shows Potential Supreme Court Recount Won’t Change Outcome

The word is still out on whether JoAnne Kloppenburg will demand a recount in the April 5 Supreme Court election.  Results of the Milwaukee canvas are expected today and a recount announcement would likely follow.  But history clearly shows that with Justice David Prosser up by 7305 votes, a recount won’t change the result, but […]

Debunking Claims of Defunding the Left

A recent post on Mother Jones makes the claim that the union fight that started in Wisconsin and is spreading across the country is really a thinly disguised GOP tactic to defund the Left. The article continues to list a litany of political hot buttons that it claims are Republican causes solely because it could […]