Debunking Claims of Defunding the Left

A recent post on Mother Jones makes the claim that the union fight that started in Wisconsin and is spreading across the country is really a thinly disguised GOP tactic to defund the Left. The article continues to list a litany of political hot buttons that it claims are Republican causes solely because it could […]

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus Rejects Calls For Resignation

Five days after the press conference in which she admitted a “human error” resulting in 14,000 uncounted votes, Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus rejected calls for her resignation by Waukesha County Democratic Chairman Victor Weers. In a statement released late on Tuesday afternoon, Nickolaus explained her intention to “serve the remainder of my term.” She […]

Wisconsin Railroad CEO Pleads Guilty to Breaking Campaign Finance Laws

On Monday April 11, President and CEO of the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad William Gardner plead guilty to two separate felonies for illegal contributions he made during the 2010 Wisconsin gubernatorial campaign. Gardner exceeded the contribution limit as well as distributing company and personal funds so that others in his company could donate to candidate […]

No Conspiracy: Brookfield Vote Totals Posted On Election Night

Conspiracy theorists are in full force with a Democratic congresswoman even asking the United States Attorney General to investigate the Waukesha County election returns that gave the Supreme Court race to David Prosser, but they might want to call up Arianna Huffington first. That’s because Patch, a new media site in Brookfield that Huffington oversees, […]

All Eyes Turn To Milwaukee County As Canvassing Wraps Up

As the final numbers from the county canvassing boards trickle into the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, all eyes will turn to Milwaukee County who will not complete their canvass until next week. The results thus far have been game changing to say the least as JoAnne Kloppenburg began Thursday with a 204 vote lead and […]

Conspiracy Characterizes the Reaction to Uncounted Waukesha Votes

In the wake of Thursday’s stunning news that Waukesha County failed to report over 14,000 votes in the city of Brookfield, a cacophony of allegations quickly swirled around the unexpected turn of events. As soon as the news was confirmed from Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus at an evening press conference, the topsy-turvy race for […]

ALERT: 14,000 Votes Missed in Brookfield

It appears 14,000 votes from Brookfield weren’t counted in the April 5 Supreme Court Election.  Officials are holding a press conference at 5:30 CST time to shed more light on the situation.  Based on Brookfield’s voting pattern there is strong reason to suspect that when these votes are added to the overall vote tally, that Justice […]

Liberals Strike Out

This column was guest written by Robert Dohnal, Publisher The Conservative Digest Liberals made their maximum effort on Tuesday and truck out.  Amassing a fortune of $30 million dollars for the election and the recalls, they all are gong had in hand, by far the most amount of money and effort every put into a […]

Incumbent Mayor Dave Cieslewicz falls to Soglin

Two-term Madison mayor Dave Cieslewicz fell to fellow liberal former Mayor Paul Soglin in Tuesday’s election.  In the tight race Soglin received 49.77% of the votes while Cieslewicz received 48.97%.  Cieslewicz interjected himself into the budget reapir bill circus when he and three other people filed compliants with the Dane County District Attorney claiming that […]