Public Policy Poll Targets Union Househoulds in Poll

Yesterday a poll was released by Democrat affiliated Public Policy Polling of Raleigh, North Carolina that claimed Governor Scott Walker would lose in a re-vote of last November’s election. Public Policy Polling was founded by, and still led by, Democratic pollster Dean Debnam, whose political contributions show a considerable Democratic bias. Public Policy Polling doesn’t […]

80 Percent in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Poll Support Budget Repair Bill

A recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel poll found overwhelming public support for Gov. Walker’s Budget Repair Bill.  Eighty percent of the 183,226 readers who participated in the survey supported cutting benefits for union workers and removing collective bargaining over anything other than wages.  Only 18 percent of people felt the bill was wrong, and three percent […]

Ed Garvey Gets it Wrong

Former union hack and failed Democratic candidate Ed Garvey posted a rather blistering attack that explains how the “forces of darkness,” namely “Mike Grebe, Charlie Sykes, Scott Walker, Family Fitzgerald, and governor Talker (redundant?),” are assembling to “declare war on our history, our citizens, and our values.” Is this guy for real? As Governor Walker […]