What will Frostman DWD Look Like?

We don’t know what Governor elect Tony Evers was looking for in naming outgoing state senator Caleb the workforce development secretary, however only Frostman knows what Evers has gotten in his pick. Media Trackers previously reported that several people familiar with Frostman said they were surprised he ran as a Democrat in the June special […]

Wirch Opposes Evers’ Ability to Appoint DNR Head

By James Wigderson While Democrats are making false accusations of a “power grab” by legislative Republicans, some Democrats would like to engage in a power grab of their own. State Sen. Robert Wirch (D-Somers) is circulating a proposed bill that would take away the governor’s authority to appoint the head of the Department of Natural […]

Pro-Law Enforcement Poster Vandalized at UWSP

By Amelia Heup  The Student Law Enforcement Association at UWSP has been a cornerstone of the Stevens Point community and has created a branch of communication between local law enforcement and the eighty plus student members who have committed or are already involved in law enforcement. However, students noticed that a poster promoting an upcoming […]

Missing Ingredient in K-C Debate: Mike Ellis?

State lawmakers will gather next week for a lame duck session that was called, ostensibly, to consider a $70 million subsidy package to save hundreds of union jobs at a Kimberly-Clark Fox Valley plant. The proposal has been stalled for months and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported this week that while other bills may be considered, […]

Kimberly-Clark’s Challenging Senate Math

A source tells Media Trackers that at least five state Senate Democrats will have to vote for a bill that would give tens of millions of dollars in incentives to keep Kimberly Clark’s Cold Spring facility open, if it is to pass the legislature. As a public hearing was to get underway Wednesday, the source, […]

Public Input at Green Bay School Board Meetings Debated

The Green Bay School Board is expected to decide in December whether to continue allowing public input while a motion on a recommended hire is before the board. The school board holds a public input session at the beginning of its regular meetings. In February it began allowing input on items as they were being […]

Dan Kohl, Term Limits and Irony

6th District Congressional Democratic candidate Dan Kohl recently argued for term limits, saying eight years in Congress is enough. Apparently lost on Kohl is the irony of his position, given that his uncle, retired Senator Herb Kohl, served 24 years in the U.S. Senate. On “Upfront with Mike Gousha” Kohl told Gousha he believes in […]

Gov. Walker Defends Against Prison Visit Criticism

Governor Scott Walker has said he believes there is no value in his visiting state correctional facilities. This position has been criticized on the left and has puzzled some on the right. In an interview with Media Trackers Communications Director Jerry Bader, Walker defended against the criticism expressing his views on reform, and was again […]