The Oligarchy of the Wisconsin Fourteen

For almost a month now, the Wisconsin legislature has been kept from carrying on the people’s business because of the fourteen fugitive Democratic senators residing in Illinois. For weeks, the excuse from the fugitive fourteen was that the people needed more time to understand what exactly was in the Budget Repair Bill. But in the […]

Three Local Communities, Three Different Approaches to Union Contracts

  Last week, Media Trackers explained how many local communities across the state were imprudently rushing through labor contracts and failed to utilize the tools provided by the yet-to-be-passed Budget Repair Bill. In the case of Madison, Mayor Dave Ciezlewicz and the Madison Common Council rammed through twelve labor contracts in one night in order […]

Madison Held Emergency Sessions to Pass All Union Contracts on Feb. 17

On February 17, Madison Mayor Dave Ciezlewicz and the Madison Common Council voted to approve the extension of twelve labor contracts through 2012 in an emergency session. The process of approving labor contracts often takes days or weeks, but both Mayor Ceizlewicz and the Common Council agreed on the importance ensuring that “all employees can […]

Is Wisconsin Broke?

PolitiFact recently concluded that Governor Scott Walker’s statement that Wisconsin is broke is false. The state is $3.6 billion dollars in debt, but is it broke?

Twenty Percent of State on Medicaid

By now anyone paying attention knows that Wisconsin is 3.6 billion dollars in the hole. What the average person may not know is that 20 percent of the state’s budget goes to fund Medicaid. That’s a huge chunk of change and a huge contributor to the state’s fiscal nightmare. And right now the funding for […]

Why Are Cities Rushing Into Union Contracts?

As the budget stalemate enters its third week, a new trend has emerged among municipalities across Wisconsin: rush through union contracts. Across the state, unions and local officials are meeting to negotiate contracts in Racine, Waukesha, Janesville, and elsewhere. Negotiators are quoted as saying this is all in “good faith” and as one Waukesha school […]

Impartial Justice Law Likely to Die

This year the race for the Supreme Court is the first judicial contest in the country to use public financing. And it might be the last in Wisconsin. The budget Gov. Scott Walker proposed on Tuesday would effectively render the Impartial Justice Law ineffective.