Democrat Senators Hiding in Harvard

After days of granting interviews from an “undisclosed location” Wausau’s WAOW reported that the Badger 14 are holed up in Harvard, Illinois. Harvard is on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin which makes sense since AWOL Senator Tim Carpenter commented that he could see Wisconsin from his window.  In an interview with Milwaukee’s WTMJ the senator […]

A View From Inside The State Capital

I took a quick tour of the capital on Monday night. As if there was any doubt, the radical Left has assembled in the state capital. Socialists, Communists, and Anarchists are peddling their radical agenda. Walker is still portrayed as Hitler, the GOP are called “home grown terrorists,” and “tax the rich” remains a theme […]

Will Paychecks Lure Back Missing Democrat Senators?

Sources have confirmed that Governor Scott Walker is considering suspending direct deposit for the “Wisconsin Fourteen.” In order for the missing Democratic senators hiding out in Illinois to receive payment, they might have to return to the office and pick up the checks on their desks. Fourteen Wisconsin Democrat senators skipped town last week in […]

Senator Calls for Investigation into Doctor Sick Notes

Senator Pam Galloway (R-Wausau), a physician by training, was as sickened as the rest of us were watching doctors hand out sick notes to anyone at the Madison protest who asked for one.  In a written statement Senator Galloway said,  “Over the weekend, various news outlets have reported that some physicians were handing out medical […]

Jesse Jackson Jumps into Wisconsin Protests

Jesse Jackson spoke to protesters outside the Wisconsin State Capital on Friday.  Check out these two videos: http://www.wisconsinreporter.com/jesse-jackson-outside-capitol-pt-1  http://www.wisconsinreporter.com/jesse-jackson-outside-capitol-pt-2

64 Percent of Americans Oppose Government Employee Unions

A new Clarus Poll found that 64 percent of voters said government employees shouldn’t be represented by a union. The survey found that only 10 percent of Republicans and 22 percent of Independents believed in unionization of government employees. Surprisingly, only 49 percent of Democrats believed in the union system. The survey was taken by […]

Top 10 Cities Facing a Pension Crisis

The battle raging over public unions in Wisconsin is starting to shine the spotlight on the fiscal problem public unions have created not only in Wisconsin, but across the nation. In late December, 2010 the first total municipal pension default occurred in Prichard, AL. If the status quo is allowed to continue, many more, and […]

Democrats Block Democracy Today in Madison

What do you do when you don’t like a bill and don’t have the votes to stop it from passing?  Why, you run away of course.  That’s exactly what Senate democrats did today, abdicating their responsibility to their constituents to govern.  Read more about the fleeing democrats here