Reaction to Gov. Walker’s State of the State Address

February 2, 2011, MIlwaukee, WI– Last night during the State of the State address, Governor Scott Walker charted a course for his administration based on “frugality and jobs.”   Walker’s goal of “lowering the cost of doing business” is off to a good start. The emergency special session passed “jobs bills” that provide tax exemption […]

As Tort Reform Bill Moves Closer to Law, Trial Lawyers Race for Profit

   January 25, 2011, Milwaukee, WI– As the recently passed tort reform bill makes its way to Governor Scott Walker’s desk next week, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported today that personal injury attorneys are racing to file suits before the measure takes effect ten days after Walker signs.1 One of the key provisions of the […]

Tort Reform Critics Profit to the Tune of Millions

Last week, the Wisconsin State Assembly and Senate passed Assembly Bill 1/Senate Bill 1 enacting tort reforms. A litany of groups opposed to the bill calling it “a cloak for corporate interests”1 and “a corporate wish list.”2 But examine who benefits the most from weak tort laws and it;s clearly trial lawyers and injury attorneys […]

Clean Wisconsin’s Energy Solutions Not Rooted in Reality

     Last week, environmental advocacy group Clean Wisconsin showed its hypocrisy in the energy debate by advocating for a high-cost, low-production energy source over a proven high-capacity, high-reliability option.   On January 9, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that environmental groups Clean Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Citizens’ Utility Board filed a motion with Nuclear Regulatory […]

Wisconsinites Gouged by High Taxes

  Recent figures from the non-partisian Tax Foundation prove what Wisconsinites have felt forever: they’re being taxed to the brink. The foundation found that:   Tax Freedom Day, the day when Wisconsinites have earned enough money to pay their total tax bill for the year, is on April 12. This ranks 13th nationally. Wisconsin’s state and […]