The Battle Over UW Segregated Fees Continues

By Amelia Heup for Media Trackers Conservative students across the University of Wisconsin system in recent months have begun to call out university policies which they contend favor liberal and progressive student organizations, causes, and messages. This problem does not simply plague big schools, such as UW-Madison, but has come to light on small campuses […]

The Truth Behind HR 5087

A recent YouGov poll showed that 39 percent of Democrats supported the full and outright repeal of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. If that is indeed the case, than their representatives in Congress look to be doing just that. As a result of the tragic shooting at Parkland, Florida high school last month, […]

Walker on Lake Michigan Sanctuary, Then and Now

Supporters of a proposed national marine sanctuary zone along Lake Michigan’s west coast were caught off guard this week when Governor Scott Walker rescinded his support for the proposal. Walker’s new stance is in sharp contrast to a defensive response Media Trackers got last year when asking Walker’s office about his support for the zone. […]

Podcast: Will MSM Cover Courthouse Identity Theft Threat?

Last week, Media Trackers broke the story of a serious identity theft threat that exists in some Wisconsin courthouses. Media Trackers shared the story with several media outlets. But as Communications Director Jerry Bader reports in today’s podcast, it appears none have reported on it; at least not yet.

Brown Co. Sales Tax Suit Dismissed, But Case May Not Be Over

Attorneys representing the Brown County Taxpayers Association say they are reviewing their options with their clients after a judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit against the county’s half-percent sales tax. The tax as approved by the Brown County Board last year is to last six years and help pay for a number of projects, including […]

Is Light Rail The Third Rail in Waukesha Co. Politics?

By James Wigderson for Media Trackers Waukesha Common Council President Aaron Perry and Milwaukee Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton recently collaborated on an op-ed that appeared at OnMilwaukee.com celebrating a new spirit of cooperation between the two cities as a result of the deal allowing Waukesha to purchase Lake Michigan water from Milwaukee. However, Perry […]

New Report Says Teachers Stopped “Fleeing” Wisconsin Years Ago

A new report from the non-partisan Wisconsin Policy Forum, the name for the newly-merged Madison-based Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance and the Milwaukee-based Public Policy Forum, may put a dent in a popular Democratic narrative about Act 10’s effect on the Badger State. It seems that teachers aren’t fleeing Wisconsin as so many have liked to claim; […]

Gallagher, Grothman, Join Call for FISA Memo Release

There were indications Saturday that a secret memo detailing alleged government surveillance abuses will be released to the public soon. The development came the same day two Wisconsin congressmen joined the call for release of the memo, and underscored how serious they believe its contents are.  Republican House members who have viewed the highly classified […]