Former Wisconsin AG Endorses “F*** The Troops” Blogger


By: Brian Sikma

First it was the news that state Senator Jessica King (D) and Fond Du Lac County Democratic Party officials met with liberal activist Ian Murphy this past week as part of rally the grassroots road tour to wrap up the recall Walker signature gathering period. Then, Friday morning Media Trackers discovered that state Senators Tim Cullen and Bob Jauch welcomed Murphy to the state capitol.

All of this would be innocuous if Murphy had been just another generic out-of-state liberal activist come to tell Wisconsinites what to think about Scott Walker. Unfortunately, Murphy is a profanity spewing (language warning) blogger from Buffalo, New York who is vocal about his hatred of American troops and mocks those that return wounded from their service to our nation. Murphy’s declared views are insensitive to those who are now disabled for life and reflect a disturbing values system that directly contradicts what many in Wisconsin believe.

The welcoming committee for Ian Murphy appears now to extend beyond some local Democratic Party officials and three Democrat state senators. Appearing on a brochure promoting Ian Murphy’s tour of Wisconsin is no less than Peg Lautenshlager, the state’s former Attorney General.

Also mentioned in promotional materials and event lists for Murphy’s tour are staffers from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Former Attorney General Lautenshlager, Senators King, Cullen and Jauch, and the county and state Democratic Party officials who welcomed Murphy to Wisconsin should collectively condemn his views and his hate filled writings. It is disrespectful to the thousands of veterans from Wisconsin to welcome to this state a man who believes that American troops deserve to be maimed in combat and die because they wear the uniform of our country.

Starting today, Wisconsin is watching to see which values system these past and present elected officials will endorse. If they chose to condone by their silence the bigoted views of an out-of-touch liberal blogger, they should reconsider their service to this state.

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