VIDEO: Senators Cullen, Jauch Meet with “F*** the Troops” Blogger


By: Brian Sikma

Ian Murphy, a Buffalo, New York based blogger, emerged on the Wisconsin political scene in 2011 with a prank phone call to Governor Scott Walker. Murphy, a hard-left progressive, was able to land a phone conversation with Walker after posing as billionaire libertarian donor David Koch. Although surprising in nature, the call didn’t reveal any shocking new details about Walker or his policies and only found Murphy playing into the Left’s stereotype of what a wealthy right-of-center donor must be like.

A new video posted to YouTube on Thursday (see below) reveals just how Murphy went about getting his prank phone call to work. In an interview in the state capitol rotunda with a liberal activist, Murphy said it took a few calls before he was able to get through, but his quick thinking and spur-of-the-moment bluffing got him past several secretaries and the Governor’s then chief of staff.

Just as interesting as Murphy’s description of his prank in the interview is a side incident that involves a couple of sitting state lawmakers. While Murphy is talking about his minute of fame posing as David Koch, the camera swings away from Murphy for a second and catches a couple of lawmakers walking along the third floor railing of the rotunda. The identifiable lawmaker is state Senator Tim Cullen (D), who ironically was mentioned by Walker in the fake-Koch call as one of his favorite Democrats.

When the camera catches him walking, Cullen pauses and gestures apparently to Murphy. What exactly he was gesturing about is unclear, but a still photograph thrown into the video at the end of the interview has Cullen and fellow Democrat state Senator Bob Jauch (D) talking with Murphy in the capitol rotunda.

In addition to pulling a prank on Governor Walker, Murphy’s writings at The Beast, an online liberal rag, have included a column with the headline “F*@# the Troops” (language warning). In the piece he called American soldiers “rubes” writing:

“So, 4000 rubes are dead. Cry me the Tigris. Another 30,000 have been seriously wounded. Boo f—ing hoo. They got what they asked for—and cool robotic limbs, too.”

Senator Jessica King (D), who won her seat in a recall last summer, drew scrutiny recently when she was seen hanging out with Murphy. That Senators Cullen and Jauch (who has compared Wisconsin under a Republican majorities to the communist Soviet Union) would have no compunction about hanging out with an individual who spews hateful diatribes attacking the men and women of our nation’s military is disturbing.

Ian Murphy has crossed a line of decency and civility. His vulgar, profanity laced un-American rants are unconscionable and should be soundly condemned by anyone grateful for the men and women who keep our nation safe. It is one thing to disagree with a particular policy; it is quite another thing to attack those who are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect your right to disagree with that policy.

The three Democratic senators who welcomed Ian Murphy to Wisconsin, Jessica King, Tim Cullen, and Bob Jauch, should explain why they want to associate with an American-bashing, troop-hating blogger who just so happens to oppose Governor Walker. If King, Cullen and Jauch oppose Governor Walker so much that they are willing to associate themselves with a man who mocks troops who lost limbs in combat, they need to rethink their political priorities.


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