Wisconsin’s Leading Progressive Radio Host Cheers Breitbart’s Death, Incites Repulsive Comments


MILWAUKEE – Last week Andrew Breitbart, a respected and controversial conservative journalist, suddenly passed away near his home in California. The death of a pioneer in conservative new media led to an outpouring of sympathy to his family and friends. In Wisconsin, Breitbart’s death was met with jubilation from the state’s leading progressive radio show host, John “Sly” Sylvester.

Following the breaking news last Thursday of the conservative journalist’s death, Sylvester engaged in a 20 minute rant punctuated only by calls from callers joining him in his tirade of hateful, repulsive rhetoric cheering the death. “I’m glad he is dead,” Sylvester enthused. He went on to say that he would pour weed killer on Breitbart’s grave to prevent a resurrection, “I can kill him like the weed that he was.”

Sly also compared Breitbart to Anwar al-Awlaki, a Yemeni terrorist, and Kim Jung Il. “Andrew Breitbart is working on the forces of evil pushing for starvation camps,” he said.

“It is deeply disturbing that Sly Sylvester would use his position as a prominent progressive talk show host to engage in such hateful rhetoric,” Brian Sikma, communications director of Media Trackers, said. Media Trackers is Wisconsin’s leading conservative watchdog organization focusing on government and the media. “It is never appropriate to compare individuals who disagree with us politically to terrorists and murderous dictators.”

Sikma also noted that Sylvester has fallen into controversy in the past for making sexual comments about Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch. “This is not an isolated incident,” he said, “and just as Rush Limbaugh rightfully apologized for his comments made last week, it would be more than appropriate for Mr. Sylvester to apologize to the family of Andrew Breitbart.” At one point during his show Sylvester allowed a caller to shockingly wish, “I hope his [Breitbart’s] descendants be infested by boils and physical deformity and left only to copulate with beasts….”

Selections from the transcript of Sly’s rant may be found here.