Madison Radio Station Has “No Comment” After Host, Callers Celebrate Breitbart Death


By Collin Roth

On Monday, Media Trackers reported the vile and disgusting celebration of Andrew Breitbart’s death by 1670 WTDY radio host John “Sly” Sylvester and his callers.

Sylvester gleefully quipped he would like to “pour Round-up” on Breitbart’s grave and compared his death to that of Yemeni terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki and North Korean dictator Kim Jung Il. In some of the worst moments of the 20 minute podcast, Sly screamed “I’m glad he’s dead!” while a caller quipped that Breitbart “escaped proper punishment” wishing he could “linger on like Reagan.”

A day after the Media Trackers report, John “Sly” Sylvester pulled the podcast from his website SlysOffice.com in an attempt to cover up the comments he so proudly boasted on air.

With such a disgusting and inhumane celebration of Andrew Breitbart’s death, a man who leaves behind four children and a wife, Media Trackers contacted Rex Charger, the Program Director for 1670 WTDY in Madison to see if the station would stand by their host or condemn the comments.

When confronted by such vile quotes, Mr. Charger spinelessly stated that 1670 WTDY had “no comment” in regards to statements made by a paid employee of WTDY on public airwaves that celebrated the death of a father of four children.

Instead, Mr. Charger attempted to attack Media Trackers by sarcastically quipping “nice objective journalism you’re doing over there.”

Mr. Charger and 1670 WTDY’s failure to condemn the 20 minute parade on the grave of Andrew Breitbart by John “Sly” Sylvester speak volumes about the character of the radio station. And to attack Media Trackers for simply reporting the words of a paid employee of 1670 WTDY is hardly surprising.

Mr. Sylvester, Mr Charger, you stay classy.

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