Media Trackers Finds Milwaukee DA Staff Signing Recall Petitions


MILWAUKEE – Today, Media Trackers is confirming in an exclusive report that 43 employees of the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office signed the Walker recall petition. No less than 70 names from the District Attorney’s March 26th staff roster match up with names found on Walker recall petitions, but as of Monday morning Media Trackers was only able to confirm with certainty that 43 individuals had indeed signed the petitions.

Among the more intriguing names found on recall petitions were those of Lovell Johnson Jr. and Janet Oelstrom. Johnson is one of five Deputy District Attorneys who report directly to John Chisholm, the District Attorney. Oelstrom is a secretary in the Public Integrity Unit, which oversees all John Doe investigations into alleged public corruption.

“In the interest of transparency we believe the public should know about the political leanings of those who work in the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office,” said Brian Sikma, communications director for Media Trackers.  Media Trackers has previously released reports on the Dane County District Attorneys office and WISC-TV in Madison.

The following is a list of the individuals employed in the DA’s office who signed the Walker recall petition.


Lovell Johnson Jr., Cynthia Brown, Paul Hauer, Deann Heard, Jon Neulieb, Claire Starling, Francesco Mineo, Patricia Daugherty, Miriam Falk, Nicholas J. Heitman, Jennifer Hanson, Ronald Dague, Megan Williamson, Kristin Schrank, Dax Odom, Gale Shelton, Randy Sitzberger, Irene Parthum, John Stoiber, Holly Bunch

Support Staff:

Angela Bertz, Marilyn Booker, Patricia Brennan, Ivette Cruz, Darlene Fuller, Rogerick Griffin, Laurie Jernberg, Mona Laura, Patricia Lenz, Catherine McCoy, Jane Muson, Janet Oelstrom, Clarissa Charleston, Kevin Harrington, Marti Hensiak, Michelle Hughes, Sanetran Johnson, Lisa Maggiore, Kay Malone, Sherry Narloch, Mary Ann Onorato, Sonjie Stokes-Brown, Ann Weber


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