Jamie Wall’s Rebuttal of Complaint Ignores Damaging Fact


October 3, 2012

-For Immediate Release-

 MILWAUKEE – On Tuesday a complaint was filed with the Federal Election Commission alleging federal campaign law violations on the part of the Wall for Congress campaign. The complaint alleges illegal campaign coordination between Wall for Congress and Wisconsin Jobs Now! an SEIU front group.

Jamie Wall told 8th District press on Tuesday that Paula Zellner left Wisconsin Jobs Now! on March 4 and became his campaign manager on March 5. He blamed computer and software issues for messing up evidence and showing a several months-long overlap between Zellner’s work for Jobs Now! and her work for his campaign. Federal law prohibits third party groups from coordinating with the political candidates they are attempting to help.

“Wall’s assertion that Zellner never worked for his campaign before March 5 appears to be patently false,” said Brian Sikma of Media Trackers. Media Trackers has found that on February 29 Zellner was reimbursed $284 by the campaign. That means that Zellner was acting on behalf of the campaign in some capacity prior to Wall’s self-asserted start date of March 5.

“Wall needs to be more transparent about this matter,” Sikma said. “There are many unanswered questions, and there is evidence that what he told the press and public may not be true at all.”

Media Trackers is a conservative non-partisan watchdog group.


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