Baldwin Inflates, Fabricates Spending Numbers In Misleading Attack


By: Paul Thurman

According to The Center for Responsive Politics, an online database that tracks campaign spending and contributions, outside groups have spent more on attacking Tommy Thompson then they have going after Tammy Baldwin. In fact, Baldwin’s campaign has seen the most support from Super PACs over the past 30 days then her rival, debunking a myth that special interests and outside groups are all in Thompson’s corner.

On Tuesday, the Baldwin campaign sent out an email falsely claiming that special interests groups had spent $10 million against her in attack ads. Publicly available finance reports show that as of Sunday PACs have spent only $5.4 million against Baldwin.

The chart below sent out by the Baldwin campaign, which is also on her Facebook page, shows inflated spending numbers by PAC groups totally over $10.8 million. Yet those numbers are not what the named groups are reporting in mandatory filings with the Federal Election Commission. According to OpenSecrets.org, a nonpartisan group that uses Federal Election Commission data to analyze outside spending to within the last 48 hours, the numbers show a different reality.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has spent a total of $1,596,000 against Baldwin as of October 15th, but according to the chart sent out by the Baldwin campaign on October 10th, the Chamber spent nearly $2,047,863.00 in attack ads, an inflation of almost $500,000 more than what FEC reports show. The Center for Responsive Politics figures show that Crossroads GPS, which has spent the most against Baldwin, has poured roughly $3.4 million into ads aimed at Baldwin. The Baldwin campaign’s inflated statistics show once again increased the FEC reported numbers by $500,000.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on Saturday that figures show that nearly $9 million has been spent to oppose Thompson – that’s almost twice as much money – than on Baldwin. They also show conflicting reports that show Tammy’s numbers don’t add up.

The Wisconsin Senate race is ranked second in outside spending this year behind only Virginia, which has seen $21.6 million flow into its Senate race.

The deadline for federal candidates to submit third quarter financial statements is Monday.

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