Sen. Larson Says “Reducing Government” is “Reducing Democracy”


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MILWAUKEE – Newly elected Senate Minority Leader Chris Larson (D) announced a bizarre theory on Wednesday morning during an interview with Madison talk show host Sly Sylvester. In a moment that provided insight into the freshman senator’s approach to his job as a party leader, Larson declared that “reducing government” is the same as “reducing democracy.”

Larson won his spot as Senate Minority Leader after a close fight with Senator Jon Erpenbach (D). Talk show personality Sly Sylvester had backed Larson’s candidacy for the top Democratic post in the Senate and was interviewing Larson to get a feel for how Senate Democrats plan to be a part of the upcoming legislative session.

“So when you talk about reducing government, you’re talking about reducing democracy,” Larson said in the final moments of the radio interview Wednesday.

“The idea that anyone who proposes a government program be reduced is somehow anti-democratic is absurd,” said Brian Sikma, communications director of Media Trackers. “More mandates, more regulations, and higher taxes are not inherently democratic. It is not particularly democratic for government to have tremendous control over citizens’ lives and futures, but that kind of control is what Senator Larson says he believes in and he wants to frame it as democratic. It is not.”

The Media Trackers report on this may be found here.


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