Supreme Court Challengers Signed Recall, Embraced Partisan Effort


MILWAUKEE – The two candidates vying to knock off sitting Justice Patience Roggensack in the April election embraced the hyper-partisan labor union and Democratic Party effort to remove Gov. Scott Walker from office in a recall election last year. Ed Fallone, a far left law professor from Milwaukee, and Vince Megna, a wealthy, well known attorney and author of “Lap Dancers Don’t Take Checks,” both signed Walker recall petitions, Media Trackers points out today.

Candidates for judicial office in Wisconsin are required to run non-partisan campaigns and judges are expected to recuse themselves from cases in which they have a bias against one side.

Megna has already announced in this campaign that he is a Democrat.

Fallone has defended the practice of judges signing recall petitions.

The state Supreme Court is expected to hear a case questioning the passage of Act 10, Governor Walker’s budget-balancing reform that sparked the partisan attempt to recall him from office, sometime soon, likely after the Spring election.

“Fallone and Megna have taken a partisan position on a matter that could come before them if they are elected to the Supreme Court. They need to be clear as to whether or not they will recuse themselves from such a case or if they will allow their divisive partisanship to guide their actions. No other justice on the court, conservative, liberal or moderate, has signed a recall petition,” said Brian Sikma, communications director for Media Trackers.



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