Barrett’s Anti-Gun Group Honors Cop Killer, Boston Bomber

Organizations Image Credit: NoMoreNames.org
Image Credit: NoMoreNames.org

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a powerful anti-gun group that counts Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett as its most influential member in Wisconsin, has chosen to memorialize alleged cop-killer Christopher Dorner and Boston bombing suspect Tamerlane Tsarnaev. An effort by the group, which is waging a public relations and political effort to criminalize some gun ownership, to call attention to victims of gun violence lists Dorner, Tsarnaev and other violent criminals as victims of gun violence.

Image Credit: Twitter @PatJHynes

Image Credit: Twitter @PatJHynes

Several media outlets have begun calling attention to MAIG’s jolting classification of some notorious criminals as victims. Both Dorner and Tsarnaev died earlier this year after law enforcement officers engaged in shootouts with them.

No More Namesis a campaign that kicked off on June 14th and is a nation-wide effort by MAIG to draw attention at the local level to alleged Congressional inaction on anti-gun legislation. Featuring an RV and scheduled stops, the effort includes a list of the names of 6,209 victims of gun violence. At least one stop in New Hampshire included a public reading of some of the victims’ names.

On Wednesday, the Daily Caller reported the presence of alleged Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlane Tsarnaev on the victims list. Tsarnaev and his brother are responsible for setting off homemade bombs near the finish line of the marathon, killing 3 people and wounding 264 others. During the massive manhunt that followed, the brothers managed to kill one police officer and one civilian before Tamerlane was killed in a police shootout and his brother, Dzhokhar, was captured the following day.

It was reported by BuzzFeed on Thursday that the MAIG victims list included Christopher Dorner, an ex-Los Angeles Police Department officer who went on a shooting rampage in February that killed several civilians and police officers. Hunted into mountains, Dorner allegedly killed himself with a gunshot to the head towards the end of a shootout with police.

Barrett speaks at MAIG Press Conference

Barrett speaks at MAIG Press Conference

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s involvement with MAIG has been to serve as the outspoken leader of the group’s efforts in Wisconsin. Barrett early in 2013 called for anti-gun legislation and new gun regulations at a press conference in Madison with Democratic lawmakers. He has also repeatedly touted his involvement with the group.

Other liberal Wisconsin mayors are also part of MAIG, including Racine Mayor John Dickert, a reported rising star within the ranks of Wisconsin Democrats.