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Media Berates Ryan, Ignores Similar Analysis By Liberals

By: Brian Sikma Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan is preparing to return to the U.S. House of Representatives after being the Republican nominee for vice president this year. Asked by Wisconsin media if he could identify what went wrong for the GOP ticket on election night, Ryan noted that one problem was the campaign didn’t foresee […]

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PolitiFact Missed Major Fact, Conducts Hatchet Job on Thompson

By: Brian Sikma The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s PolitiFact feature handily cloaks opinion writing in the guise of fact-based journalism. In its coverage of the U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin, PolitiFact has become a reliable critic of Republican candidate Tommy Thompson and by comparison ignoring Democratic candidate Tammy Baldwin. To date, PolitiFact has written 23 times […]

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PAPER: John Doe Goes Dark After Recall

By: Brian Sikma In a stunning piece on the long running John Doe investigation in Milwaukee County, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes that since the June 5 recall election the investigation has lost steam. “Insiders say there has been little activity by John Doe investigators in Milwaukee County since the recall race, which Walker won […]

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BIAS: Journal Sentinel Columnist Bashes Thompson, Ignores Baldwin

By: Brian Sikma The Wisconsin U.S. Senate race is drawing headlines across the nation but to date the investigative columnist at the state’s largest newspaper has focused his attention, and generally negative columns, on the Republican candidate alone. Democrat Tammy Baldwin is spending more money in the race and leading slightly in the polls, but […]

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Journal Sentinel, Newspapers Face Morose Future

By: Brian Sikma Daily newspapers are struggling to stay in business, and Wisconsin’s largest daily paper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, is no exception. According to the Milwaukee Business Journal, a business-focused publication not related to the Journal Sentinel, the Sunday circulation of the Journal Sentinel has dropped 25% between 2003 and 2011. The daily circulation […]

Wisconsin | Media

GAB Spokesman Goes on Emotional, Race-laced, Inaccurate Rant

By: Brian Sikma In an interview with the New York Times, Government Accountability Board spokesman Reid Magney took on an emotional tone as he accused conservative groups of racism and then misrepresented a key fact to the reporter. The statements were published in a Times piece looking at voter fraud investigation efforts around the country. […]

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