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AP Election Math: “Many Voters” = 4

According to Smart Money Daily, there are four functions of an effective headline: To grab the readers attention. To pre-screen or select your readers. Deliver a complete message. Draw a reader into the story. Let’s take a closer look at #3: If you realize that many more people will read your headlines than will read […]

Ed Soliday
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Indiana’s Experience With Wage Repeal: The Rest of the Story

Opponents of a full repeal of Wisconsin’s prevailing wage law for public construction projects recently have been pointing to video of a Republican Indiana state lawmaker claiming repeal of a similar law there did not save money on public projects. Indiana State Representative Ed Soliday, House Assistant Majority Leader, at an event in Milwaukee last […]

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Is Cronyism Killing Common Sense Conservative Reforms?

When it comes to getting rid of some of Wisconsin’s dumbest laws, a distinct pattern is starting to settle in. At its core is a rather peculiar question: What do the Grocers think? While not one of Wisconsin’s most powerful lobbies, the Wisconsin Grocers Association is one of its most connected given the friendship of Assembly Speaker […]

Baldwin 2012
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So Baldwin’s Now For Tax Simplification? Not So Fast.

Two tweets from Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin’s junior Senator, would make one think she’s had a sudden change of heart when it comes to the vastly complicated U.S. tax code. Today is #TaxDay. This year, taxpayers will spend an average of 13 hours & $200 preparing & filing their returns. It shouldn't be this tough pic.twitter.com/qCRbiiVJoQ […]

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Wisconsin Progress and ADCC: All in the Family

Last month a government watchdog group filed an ethics complaint against a group that trains and recruits Democratic candidates in Wisconsin and the state Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee. The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s complaint accuses Wisconsin Progress of contributing more than eight times the allowable  limit to the ADCC between July and October of 2016. While […]

Chris Larson
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Larson Implies Senate Resolution Would Have Prevented Attack on Muslim Woman

Democratic State Senator Chris Larson issued a news release Thursday that implied President Trump bore responsibility for the attack on a Muslim woman in Milwaukee. Larson also appeared to claim state senate Republicans share responsibility for the attack. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the woman was walking home from her morning prayers at the Islamic […]

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