Mandela Sported Voter ID Shirt in 1998

Already the attempt by the left-wing group One Wisconsin Now to politicize the death of late South African president Nelson Mandela has been turned on its head. The group suggested that in honor of Mandela’s legacy Wisconsin lawmakers should curtail their attempt to implement a statewide voter ID program.

South Africa, under a constitution signed by Mandela in 1996, has a rigorous election integrity system. Voters are required to have valid government-issued IDs to register to vote and then cast a ballot.

Now this picture emerges:


The photo was captured by an AFP photographer in late 1998 ahead of the 1999 African National Congress elections, according to a caption on Yahoo News.

Mandela’s style was often a little outside the norm for world leaders; according to Yahoo News, he preferred to capture public attention by identifying with average constituents in his political base. Hence, t-shirts and folk dances were part of his political routine.