Gov. Kasich Lies About Obamacare, Common Core on WTAM 1100

Ohio Governor John Kasich wildly mischaracterized Common Core as “written by local school districts” and lied about how his Obamacare Medicaid expansion will be paid for during a May 5 appearance on The Mike Trivisonno Show on WTAM 1100 in Cleveland.

Unsolicited, the Republican governor made his oft-repeated claim that he simply “brought back” state money by ramming an appropriation for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion through the Ohio Controlling Board.

When Trivisonno mentioned the problem of heroin abuse, Kasich said he and his administration “have not ignored people who live in the shadows.”

“You’re about to head into heroin, ya know, something that I’ve been talkin’ about for a long time. It’s part of why I brought the money back from Washington in Medicaid, so we can treat people who are heroin addicts, so that we can offer more services to a broader range of people,” Kasich continued. “It’s helpin’ us with the mentally ill to be able to have more services for them.”

He added, “I mean, these are all the things that I told ya that we needed to do, and we’ve done ’em.”

When running for governor in 2010, Kasich warned that Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion would “stick states with large and unsustainable costs.”

“We’re flooded with texts and tweets — whenever we say the governor’s coming on, two topics come up: Medicaid and Common Core,” Trivisonno’s producer said.

“The expansion of Medicaid, a lot of people are saying and telling us that basically, it’s, short-term we get the money back, long-term there are issues, there are other commitments that the state has to make,” he continued. “Again, to people who say you’re not conservative enough on Medicaid?”

With a distinct edge in his voice, Kasich replied, “Well, I mean, look, first of all, for the first three years I bring Ohio money back. There’s no Washington money, it’s our money.”

“Over seven years we’ll be able to bring back $14 billion,” the governor lied about new federal Obamacare spending.

Gov. Kasich then framed the Obamacare expansion as a state program for drug addicts and the mentally ill, as he has done for more than a year.

“What will it do? It will go to treat and help people who have mental illness, who live in all of our communities and all of our families. It will help us to deal with the problem of drug abuse. It will help to get the working poor in a position where they can have stability and they can get out of bein’ in a position of having to depend on the government,” Kasich said.

“In addition to that, after we get 100 percent for three years, we get 90 percent after that, and it’s a 10 percent match.”

Excluding billions in new federal costs and assuming federal funding is not cut, Kasich’s Obamacare expansion is projected to cost Ohio taxpayers over $500 million per year by 2021.

“Look, I was one of the chief architects of the last time the federal government balanced its budget in 1997,” Kasich boasted. “I took an $8 billion hole here with my administration and we’re now running a surplus. We know what we’re doing in terms of being able to control our dollars, ok — and we’re cutting taxes, and we’re creating jobs.”

After asserting that the Obamacare expansion was “the right thing to do” and will reduce crime in the state, Kasich moved on to the issue of Common Core.

“In terms of Common Core, all I wanna see is higher standards,” the governor said. “If we don’t have a good test — we’re, in fact, we’re lookin’ at it right now — the test has to measure how kids are doing.”

“I think there’s great concern about the test, I’m concerned about the test, but we want higher standards for Americans, not lower. So, and that program is written by local school districts. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t like it,” Gov. Kasich concluded.